Small Shares

Saganaki with Kithul Treacle (GF)


Pan seared greek cheese with chili and cinnamon infused treacle & fried curry leaves.

Katta Sauce Hot Wings (GF, DF)


Crispy chicken wings coated in our house-made hot sauce served with our pol sambol raita and celery mallung.

Goat Pan Rolls (2 per serve) (DF)


The Sri Lankan Chiko Roll. Our slow-cooked goat curry in panko crumb wrapping served with our house-made hot sauce.

Soft Shell Crab Taco (1 per serve)


Colombo Social's signature roti taco stuffed with spiced crab, papaya salsa, spicy mayo & pol sambol.

Colombo Corn Ribs (GF, DF on request)


Twice cooked sweet corn with chilli salt & curry powder spiced feta.

Beetroot Bahjis (GF, Vegan)


Vegan fan favourite! Caramelised onion and spicy beetroot fritters served with our cooling coconut yoghurt raita and a tangy date & lime pickle.

Colombo Ceviche (GF, DF)


Our refreshing union of curry powder cured kingfish, with fresh coconut and chili oil served with papadums.
Curries & Mains

Chicken (GF, DF)


Aromatic village-style red curry. Tender chicken cooked on the bone simmered with tangy lemongrass, ginger, pandan leaf, coconut milk & tomato.

Fish (GF, DF)


Market Fish marinated in our 13 spice curry powder simmered in a coconut cream and fenugreek broth.

Goat (GF, DF)


Succulent goat slow-cooked in our dark house curry blend with toasted coconut and curry leaves.

Roast Veggie (GF, Vegan)


Our mild seasonal veggie curry contrasts sweet coconut milk fenugreek, turmeric and cinnamon.

Amma’s Dhal (GF, Vegan)


The most famous dish. This must have Dhal is love in a bowl and made with generations of knowledge. Red split lentils with turmeric, coconut milk and fried onions.
Kottu Roti

Goat Kottu


The spicy one. Our slow cooked goat curry mixed with roti, egg & Amma’s mild curry gravy.

Mud Crab Kottu


The decadent one. A Jaffna Curry Mud Crab (Amma’s Speciality Dish) mixed with vegetables & roti.

Veggie Kottu


The vegetarian one. Roti mixed with egg, vegetables and a coconut turmeric sauce.
Rice & Sides

Plain Hopper (GF, Vegan)


Sri Lanka’s famous bowl shaped pancake. Made from fermented coconut milk and rice flour.

Egg Hopper (GF, DF)


As above with a golden runny egg centre & cracked pepper.

String Hopper


Steamed rice flour noodle

Rice (GF, Vegan)


Fragrant turmeric washed basmati rice with fried onion and curry leaves.



Fried roti crisps with our famous chili salt.

String Hopper (GF, Vegan)



Mango Pannacotta (GF, Vegan)


Light, sweet and slightly spiced. Pannacotta served with kithul treacle,spiced cashew crunch and local coconut & kaffir lime sorbet.

Wattalappam (DF)


Sri Lanka’s favourite dessert, a tropical crème caramel. Coconut milk, spices & jaggery palm sugar lend an earthy flavour to this custard.

Pol Sambol


Fresh grated coconut tossed in chilli and lime juice, a Sri Lankan staple.

Seeni Sambol


Sri Lankan caramelised onion relish, spiced with cinnamon and curry leaves.

Coconut Yoghurt Raita


Cooling raita of coconut yoghurt fresh mint and cucumber, the ultimate antidote for too much spice!

Katta Sambol


Sri Lankan chilli paste! For lovers of all things hot and spicy.

Date & Lime Pickle


Moreish sweet, sour and tangy date pickle

Mixed Sambol Plate


Can’t decide? Grab a sampler of our 5 favourite sambols.

*All sambols are GF & Vegan.


Wattalappam (DF)


Sri Lanka’s favourite dessert, a tropical crème caramel. Coconut milk, spices & jaggery palm sugar lend an earthy flavour to this decadent custard.

Mango Pannacotta (GF, Vegan)


Light, sweet and slightly spiced. Pannacotta served with Kithul treacle, spiced cashew crunch and local coconut & kaffir lime sorbet.

Dine the authentic Sri Lankan way where food is shared. Our set menus
incorporate our most popular dishes and Amma’s favourite dishes; the very best our menu has to offer.

Our set menus extend much further than your meal with us. By choosing a set menu you will donate meals to someone experiencing food insecurity both in Sydney and Colombo.

Minimum 2 people for set menus
Dining on a set menu is compulsory for all groups of 8+

Vegan Delights Menu $65

Papadums with Raita
Jackfruit Ceviche
Beetroot Bhajis
Colombo Corn Ribs
Roast Veggie Curry
Choice of 2 Sambols
String Hoppers
Choice of Dessert
All GF, DF

Donates 1 Meal in Sydney

Amma’s Favourites $80

Papadums with Chilli Salt
Beetroot Bhajis(GF, DF)
Colombo Ceviche (GF, DF)
Saganaki with Kithul Treacle (GF)
Soft Shell Crab Taco
Choice of Two Curries (GF, DF)
Amma’s Dhal (GF, DF)
Mixed Sambols
String Hoppers
Rice (GF, DF)
Choice of Dessert (GF, DF)

Donates 1 Meal in Sydney
Donates 1 Meal in Sri Lanka

Starting, Saturday, December 2nd!

Introducing: Saturday Boozy Brunch at Colombo Social. Indulge in your favourite dishes and some delicious new cocktails like our Amma’s Boozy Iced Coffee. Cheers to a new weekend tradition!

*Menu subject to change*