It has always been our mission at the Serendib Social Group to combine our passion for food and drink with a social purpose, seen through our first project- Colombo Social.

Food is designed to bring people together, to share stories, to check in on one another and to celebrate being the social creatures we are.

The novel coronavirus Covid-19 has certainly done its best to disrupt a key part of human interaction and temporarily change the way we connect. 

The coming weeks and months are going to be a massive challenge as we adapt to new lifestyles and deal with uncertainty.

During this time, spare a thought for those who through our recent emptying of supermarket shelves simply don’t have the luxury to be able to stockpile essential food items. 

People experiencing disadvantage and new Australians who were previously struggling to afford to feed their families, are now finding it even more challenging to put food on the table. People with higher than average chronic health conditions and mental health issues without the same access to the health care sector. 

These are the communities most at risk during this pandemic and who face a real threat of the worst-case scenario.

The Serendib Social Group is making a pledge to continue the fight and stick to our core mission to use our kitchen to help those from vulnerable communities in Sydney including the homeless, those in temporary social housing, asylum seekers and refugees .

Therefore, for the foreseeable future during this situation, we are providing extra support to a range of locally operating charities such as Mission Australia’s Common Ground Sydney, Settlement Services International and others, to provide up to 2,000 meals per day, free of charge, to the most vulnerable members of our local community.

Partnering with our amazing suppliers and friends, Serendib Social Group is turning our restaurant, Colombo Social, into a production kitchen to help those in our society who are most vulnerable.

Our incredible friends include Nelly Robinson (Nel Restaurant), Niroshan Richards (LP’s Quality Meats), Jason Sherwill (Blue Salt Catering), Shannon Dwyer (Colombo Social), Olivia Santiago (Deputy) and Kumar Pereira (MasterChef) amongst others.

When we started Colombo Social, we wanted to make a long-term difference for people in need and there is no need more immediate than what people are facing now. 

We are cooking hot, nutritious meals and working with charities on the ground to safely deliver these to their most vulnerable people.

This project has started today with hundreds of meals prepared to be delivered to the needy for dinner tonight. 

Tonight’s meal is a turmeric chicken and vegetable curry with saffron rice. 

Now is the time to come together, whilst being kept apart, and to do what we can to look out for our neighbours. The beauty of mate ship and kindness shone across Australia during the recent bushfires and it’s time as Aussies to continue to help each other when our mates need it.

If you wish to help you can #Plateitforward and buy a meal through Colombo Social which will feed two vulnerable members of your community  or just simply self-isolate to help flatten the curve and think about those doing it tough during this time.

We want to thank you all for your support in coming together in such a short space of time to show that Australians really do CARE about each other. 

For more information please email us at or or phone on 0458 877 358.

Shaun Christie-David and Peter Jones-Best

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  • Mission Australia
  • Settlement Services International
  • Redfern Aboriginal Medical Services


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